Modular Harvesting System

In developing the new fish harvesting technology, we asked ourselves – how can we fish better?


After a lengthy process of design, testing and validation work the result is a Modular Harvesting System (MHS) – a new fish harvesting technology which replaces the traditional mesh lengthener and cod-end of the trawl net with a totally unique method of catching fish.


Inside the MHS exists a low flow and low turbulence environment which allows the fish to regain control, individualise and look after themselves.  The design of the MHS also allows small & unwanted fish to escape unharmed and free from exhaustion.

The MHS has received approval for commercial use in NZ which means it has passed strict criteria for size selectivity, species composition, benthic impacts and protected species.


The MHS nets are already in commercial use in New Zealand, and the first international trials were successfully completed in the northern hemisphere in July 2022.