The Modular Harvesting System (MHS) offers numerous potential benefits:

  1. Market premiums
    1. Higher quality catch (less damage from scale loss, bruising and blood spots)
    2. Fresher catch (fish are livelier and less fatigued)
  2. Efficiency gains
    1. Increased catch volumes (without compromising catch quality)
    2. Extended soaking times (fish remain alive at depth)
    3. Increased catch selectivity (species & size)
    4. Faster net reset times (no mesh for fish to get stuck in)
    5. Potential for longer rest periods for on-deck crew (due to longer tows)
  3. Environmental benefits
    1. increased survivability of unwanted by-catch or juvenile fish
    2. Increased ecosystem health (reduced interactions with seabirds and protected species)

The MHS technology has set a new benchmark in quality by delivering fresh wild-capture fish in pristine conditions while improving the sustainable utilisation of our precious fish resources.

See our technology at work (Seafood NZ video)